Vocalzone Throat Pastilles

The brief was clear, this small pack of throat pastilles (much loved by musicians) needed to be iconic, punch its weight against bigger players in the marketplace and convey the efficacy of the product.

Our aim was to create a distinctive identity unlike any other throat pastille. Whilst retaining the strong VZ colour scheme of black and red we redesigned the identity to better reflect the black round pastille. The use powerful angled text served to imply amplification of sound.

Marketing materials

Marketing has been paramount in Vocalzone entering new markets . As part of the brands development we have designed  leaflets, sales packs, posters, adverts and social media assets to support each new market opportunity.


"We decided on Brand Tonic as our partner in this project because they shared our values as well as having an instant grasp of our vision for the brand.  We have found them excellent to work with and they have really delivered on the project."

George Ponsford, Kestrel Medical Sales and Marketing Director

Facebook promotion

In conjunction with ACS, Vocalzone headed up a facebook competition.  It was important to marry the two brands graphically as well as create a design in accordance with strict Facebook guidelines.

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